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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



AC Repair Problems You Probably Never Thought of

Your air conditioner breaks down every now and again when parts give out, but then you get those components replaced and all’s well. However, it’s not always the compressor dying on you that causes your AC to break down. There’s some uncommon, downright odd things that can happen to your AC as well.

AC repair is usually straightforward, but problems like these pop up and surprise people. We’ve seen it all and we’re sure we’ll see issues like these again, but for anyone who wasn’t aware of these, strap in.

Rodents Nest in Your Air Conditioner Ductwork

Sometimes rodents just snuggle into your ductwork and call it home. When it’s cold in the winter, they’re attracted to whatever’s warm–that usually means people’s homes. Of the warmest spots in your home that won’t fry them, the ducts make the most sense.

Rodents can gnaw away at the material of your ductwork and scurry their way inside. When they do, it’s not only hard to detect, but they cause immediate and massive damage to your ductwork. This will be apparent when you fire up the furnace, but it also impacts your air conditioner.

While you may not notice this right away, you can usually feel around the vents throughout your home and detect wear air coming out of one of the vents. When that happens, it means there’s an issue with that area of the ductwork, and it could be damaged by critters.

Your Cabinet Sinks Into the Ground

Do you know the outdoor part of your AC? That’s the cabinet, and if it sits on a platform (kind of like a foundation), that’s because it would otherwise sink into the ground. But who’s to say the platform itself can’t sink over time?

That platform is important because it helps keep the fluids level in your AC. So when one side starts dipping down into the earth below, you can have issues with draining the condensate line, or the refrigerant doesn’t flow properly.

External Problems With Water Damage

Water damage isn’t fun, mostly because it’s not always easy to detect where it comes from. If you have a nearby washing machine connection, sink, or toilet, leak issues can stem from there and impact your air conditioner.

Whether it gets into the ductwork and causes problems or impacts your vents, water finds a way to get everywhere. Water damage can lead to structural integrity problems, and it can even damage electrical components to your AC as well. This isn’t an AC-only problem, but it does affect it.

There’s No Guarantee These Don’t Happen

While uncommon, they’re not impossible. These issues are outside of the box when you normally think of air conditioner problems, but you shouldn’t write them off just yet. If you suspect any problems like these are happening (or even weirder issues), give us a call so we can come out and inspect it.

Contact Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. today to schedule your air conditioner repair as soon as possible so you don’t run into odd problems like these.

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