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Careful of These Common Air Conditioning Issues

air-conditioner-techAs the weather starts to warm up, you’re probably going to start using your air conditioner more and more often to stay comfortable on a daily basis. Added usage means added strain on the system, which in-turn means more chances for problems of various kinds to develop. Preventive maintenance will help keep the odds of chances cropping up low, even during the summer. However, you still need to keep an eye out for any signs that the system is malfunctioning. Even with preventive maintenance, your air conditioner can develop issues under certain circumstances. The following are some of the more common air conditioning problems, and their symptoms.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are not super frequent, but they’re not rare either. Corrosion and age can often open small leaks in the air conditioner’s refrigerant line, especially if it’s an older system. The lower the refrigerant level drops in the air conditioner, the lower the system’s output capacity will drop. Eventually, the system can break down entirely from this. The most common sign that your system has a refrigerant leak is usually if the temperature of the air itself isn’t as cool as it should be while it’s operating. Make sure you call for repairs if you notice a drop in output, especially if there is accompanying fluid leaking from the system.

Air Handler Trouble

The air handler is the part of the air conditioner responsible for circulating air throughout the home while the system is on. Without the air handler, your air conditioner wouldn’t actually be able to cool your home because it wouldn’t be able to blow any air through the ducts. Air handler malfunctions can disable the air conditioner if they’re severe enough. If your air conditioner is on, but no air appears to be circulating, that’s often a sign that your air handler is the source of the problem. A loud grinding sound coming from the system can also indicate an issue with the air handler.

Short Cycling

Occasionally, an electrical short or malfunctioning compressor can cause the air conditioner to shut down before it has time to complete a full cooling cycle. This issue is called short cycling. Short cycling has the immediate and noticeable effect of preventing your air conditioner from cooling as efficiently, since it can’t complete a full cycle. That’s not the worst the problem can do, though.

Short cycling increases the amount of wear and tear the system experiences over time. This means that the longer the air conditioner is allowed to short cycle, the more prone to experiencing other issues and breakdowns it will become. Prolonged short cycling can also shorten the lifespan of the air conditioner by a number of years, so it is not advised that you leave this problem any longer than you have to before having it repaired.

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