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How to Make Your AC Last All Summer

High temperatures, humidity, and long summer days make it essential to have the air conditioner running. Yet, running it all day and night is taxing for the system. It may also be difficult to manage the costs if the system is kicking on and running all of the time. How can you make sure your AC lasts all summer long, then? It’s always a good idea to have an annual inspection of your air conditioning in Longview, WA. That is just the starting point. There are a few things you can do all season long to ensure your system is operating efficiently.

Focus on Efficiency

The goal is to keep your air conditioner operating efficiently. This taxes the system less and provides you with a lower cooling bill as well. To improve efficiency, start here:

  • Make sure your thermostat is working properly. Choose a programmable thermostat that allows you to set temperatures throughout the day. There is no reason to cool down the house to your comfort level if you are not home all day long. Smart thermostats can be highly helpful at this because you can manage them right from your smartphone.
  • Use a fan. It sounds simple enough but using a fan consistently can help to lower the temperature in that space by as much as 10 degrees. Also, fans only consume around 10 percent of the energy that your central air conditioner does.
  • Keep the blinds closed. Do your part to keep the space as comfortable as possible. To do that, block out at least some of the UV rays that are coming in through the windows. This can help to reduce the temperature in your living space. If you plan to upgrade your windows this year, choose those with built-in UV ray protection.
  • Keep the windows closed. Doors and windows – including the big garage door – are some of the biggest problems for running the air conditioner. Keep them closed whenever your AC is on. More so, check for any air leaks around your windows and doors and seal them.
  • Choose a comfortable but not too-low temperature. On days that are very hot, it can be hard for your air conditioner to keep up with your home’s needs when the temperature is set very low. The better solution is to keep the temperature comfortable but not necessarily overly cool. Choose the level of comfort right for your needs.
  • Let trees help you. When it comes to shading the home, trees can be a fantastic asset. They work well to drop the amount of heat on your home from the sun.

In addition to these steps, be sure you are doing simple things to help your AC. Be sure to change the filter each month. Be sure there is nothing clogging the outdoor condenser and limiting its ability to pull in air. You also want to be sure you have had an annual checkup to ensure the system is working well.

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