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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



Keep Your Air Conditioner in Good Shape with These Tips

air-conditioner-techStress isn’t a good thing for anyone, and it’s not good for your air conditioner either! Unfortunately, your air conditioning system is put under a lot of stress while you’re using it to combat the summer heat. We’re not saying you should avoid using your air conditioner. What good is it if you’re not going to use it? What we are saying, though, is that you should take some steps to make sure that your air conditioner is as healthy as possible over the next few months. The following are just a few of the better ways to keep your air conditioner in top condition this summer.

Change Your Air Filter

The air filter is designed to protect the air conditioner from the dust and other contaminants that are commonly found in the ductwork. While it’s good at what it does, it needs to be replaced every few months while the system is being used heavily in order to prevent from becoming clogged. If this is not done, the filter will clog and cut off the flow of air through the air conditioner. No airflow means the system won’t be able to cool the home properly. It can also lead to other problems like the evaporator coil freezing over. Make sure you change your air filter, or have a professional do it for you, in order to prevent problems like these.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a key part of keeping most home systems healthy, and your air conditioner is no different. Most of the issues that you’re likely to run into with your air conditioner are unlikely to give off obvious symptoms. By the time you notice that your air conditioner is in trouble, it likely will have already suffered some damage from whatever is causing problems in it. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure that you schedule preventive maintenance for your air conditioner at least once every year, preferably during the spring. This can reduce the odds of a serious problem occurring by up to 90%, and increase the energy efficiency of the system by up to 40%.

Know When To Call for Repairs

Maintenance is not a guarantee that your air conditioner will stay healthy forever. There are still plenty of ways for things to go wrong between maintenance appointments, so it’s a good idea to know the signs that you need to call for repair services. For example, you should call for repairs if you start to hear odd noises coming from your system. That is often an indication that there is something breaking down, or about to break down. Leaking fluid is another bad sign, as it could mean that you have a refrigerant leak. Anything that seems out of place or arouses your suspicion should probably be checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

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