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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area


We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



What Does That AC Sound Mean?

Air-ConditionersWe know that a summer in Vancouver, WA isn’t exactly the same as a summer in Phoenix, AZ or Las Vegas, NV, but just because we don’t have hot desert temperatures, doesn’t mean that we’re not facing warm weather of our own. At the end of the day, “warm” is subjective and our hot days are enough to make you sweat, so you’re going to need a great air conditioning system.

If you find yourself realizing that your air conditioner can’t necessarily be described as “great” anymore, you’re going to need to schedule an appointment with us. We specialize in air conditioning repair in Vancouver, WA. You can find every single thing that you need from our certified team of professionals. We take the work we do seriously.

The Sounds You’re Hearing

Get the wax out of those ears and take a good listen… are you hearing any of the following sounds?


Are you hearing banging when you run your air conditioner? Banging is rarely a good sound. In fact, it’s a sign that you’re having issues with the internal parts of your air conditioning system. Banging is often a sign that you have a part loose and it’s rattling around and damaging other parts of your air conditioning system. Don’t let this go on unmitigated. Just


Is there a distinct sound of scraping throughout your home when your air conditioner runs? This is a sign that you’re also having trouble with a loose part. There are likely metal parts rubbing on other metal parts throughout your system. This isn’t good for the health of your air conditioner and you’re going to need to address this issue sooner than later.


If you notice a tinny, hollow rattling sound when your air conditioner runs, you need to take note of this, and address is with a professional soon. This is common like the other sounds that indicate that you might have a loose part, but it’s also important to notice that you might have a smaller problem like a twig, branch, or other small piece of debris floating around inside your unit too.


Not only is this sound annoying, it’s also a major problem that indicates that your air conditioner is on the decline. We find that homeowners put this one of the backburners thinking… “well, it’s not a problem a little oil can’t fix…” this isn’t true though! Squeaking is a sign that you’re having a mechanical breakdown that needs prompt addressing.


Have you noticed that your air conditioning system is clicking nonstop? It’s normal for your air conditioner to click once when it turns on and once when it turns off. It’s even normal for you to notice this if you’re listening closely. Anything more than this though—a loud noticeable clicking sound that grabs your attention or continues on—is a real problem.

We’re here to help you quiet down your system and rid your home of all the problems above. Schedule an appointment with our professionals today for what you need.

Call Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. today to schedule an appointment. 

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