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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



What Your Troubling AC Sounds Means

Sometimes when things start to head south with your air conditioner, you might start to hear some odd sounds. We like to be crystal clear when we discuss this topic—we’re never expecting your air conditioner to be silent. It’s going to make a good amount of noise like clicking when it turns on and off. You might even hear the sound of air moving through the vents if you’re listening closely. These sounds are fine.

Anything else that you hear is an issue though. You should never hear sounds that are new or alarming. We specialize in air conditioning service in Ridgefield, WA. We’re going to help you define what your problems are and figure out a game plan to address them.

Your Sounds and What They Mean

Here are the sounds that you might hear coming from your air conditioning system.

1.      Running Water

This is one that we hear from homeowners pretty often. Do you ever hear the sound of running water coming from your air conditioner? This is the sound of your home’s air conditioner springing a leak. F you’re having a refrigerant leak issue, then you might notice the sound of “running water” (which is actually your refrigerant in this instance), bubbling, or even gurgling. Don’t ignore these sounds. You’ll only give them the chance to get worse with time.

2.      Buzzing

Buzzing is typically the sound you might hear when you’ve got an electrical issue going on in your home. The first thing that you might want to check out is your home’s electrical connection and/or your thermostat setup.

If there’s nothing wrong here, then you might be dealing with a frozen coil. We can help you find the source of your buzzing.

3.      Clicking

Clicking while the air conditioner is running is a sign that you can an obstructed fan blade. We’ll help you find the source of the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

4.      Banging

Banging is the sound your air conditioner makes when your compressor is acting up. Your compressor is the heart of your air conditioning system. If it’s going south, then the entire system is going south. We’ll help you figure things out.

5.      Rattling

Rattling is the sound that your air conditioner might make when there’s a loose part in your AC system. Don’t let it continue on for too long.

6.      Hissing

Hissing is a sound that you might hear when you’ve got a circulation issue going on in your home. Don’t ignore a whistling or hissing sound because it could be a sign that there’s refrigerant fumes leaking into your home. Get in touch with us for what you need.

7.      Grinding

A grinding noise coming from your air conditioning system typically indicates an issue with your compressor or your home’s fan belt.

These are two vital parts of your home’s air conditioning system. If something is going wrong with either of these systems, the very first thing you should do is contact a professional to get things back on track.

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