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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



This Is Why Your AC Blows so Faintly

Air-ConditionersWe’ve finally reached the middle of the summer here in Washington, so we’re sure that you’ve needed to rely on your air conditioner at least a few times. A lot of people underestimate the heat that we face in Vancouver because we’re in the Pacific Northwest. Sure, it’s not like we’re dealing with the summer heat of Death Valley, but we face heat just like any other city in late summer.

If you’re struggling with your air conditioning services don’t run to the Internet for DIY resources and don’t pick up the phone to call that amateur technician. You need a qualified professional. We have the best air conditioning services in Vancouver, WA. Choose us when you want air conditioning work that keeps you cool.

So what’s happening with your air conditioning system when it’s blowing faintly? There are a variety of things that could be happening:

You Have a Clogged AC Filter

When was the last time that you replaced or cleaned your air conditioning filter? If you have to count on fingers and toes to remember or if you’ve never touched your air conditioner’s filter, this could be the source of the trouble you’re having. Your air conditioner’s filter is different than an indoor air quality filter.

Your AC filter is housed in your air conditioning unit and its job is to keep your AC system clean and free of any debris that could potentially harm your system. If you don’t clean or replace this filter regularly, it will clog up and cause inefficiency problems with your system. If your AC feels faint you can start here—if it continues to fall short you can contact our professionals.

Your Air Ducts Are Clogged

Your air ducts probably fall into the same arena as your AC filter—we’re sure that you’re not thinking about them too much. We’re not passing any judgment here. There are so many other things that you need to think about on a daily basis and your air ducts are typically completely out of sight and out of mind. We want to remind you to keep these ducts in good shape though.

If your air conditioning won’t blow hard it might be because your ducts are either gapping or disconnected. An open fissure in your ducts allows your airflow to escape. You’ll notice the effects of this when your airflow feels faint as it exits your registers.

Your Evaporator Coil is Frozen

This is a possible summertime issue for an air conditioner that hasn’t been properly maintained over the years. Your central air conditioner has a component called the evaporator coil that’s integral in the process of cooling your air. The moisture from the air in your home can freeze the evaporator coil if it gets too cold.

How does a component like this get too cold? We’re glad you asked! Evaporator coils either freeze over due to low airflow issues caused by a blockage somewhere in your system or low refrigerant levels. Either issue is worthy of service from a professional on our team.

Contact Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. today to schedule your air conditioning repair services.

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