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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



Why Professional Commercial HVAC Maintenance Is Important

row-of-rooftop-hvac-unitsThe time for calling a professional to look at or maintain your commercial HVAC system is not when it breaks down. Instead, businesses should invest in regular maintenance and prevention programs to save money in the short and long term.

Of course, the problem for many is that potential issues go unseen for long periods of time. But, just because you can’t see them as they happen doesn’t mean that you won’t have something seriously go wrong eventually. A professional HVAC technician is trained to notice these potential issues early on and provide solutions before an extensive repair occurs.

This article discusses some of the main benefits of keeping up with your commercial HVAC maintenance.

Safety in the Workplace

As a company owner, you know it is crucial to have a safe work environment for employees and customers. Without a safe environment, you can’t expect your tenants to be happy or reside in your building for too long. Creating trust and security for these folks is essential, and if you aren’t providing regular maintenance, you risk losing both.

Code Compliance

Safety and compliance go hand-in-hand. Coding regulations require regular service for HVAC systems for your business to meet safety standards. Professionals can provide that regular service and ensure that no mistakes are made, or corners are cut for code compliance.

Saves on Energy

Today’s HVAC systems are more complicated than ever before. What might have been as simple as oiling the motors in the past, there’s so much more to it today. Keeping your system working at its maximum capacity is essential to saving on energy bills throughout the year. Instead of growing costs, a professional can help you maintain costs or, in some cases, help you lower them.

Keep Equipment Running Longer

Not only will your equipment run better, but it will likely run longer–extending to the entire life of the HVAC system. Instead of wasting money on replacing your system early, that money can be saved and held onto until the time that was expected when first installing the system. Regular maintenance and checkups are critical to HVACs reaching their full-service life.

Performance Reliability

No one likes surprises when it comes to HVAC systems breaking down or unexpected bills showing up at your door. In a commercial facility, it’s vital for equipment to work when needed and be prepared for each new season (or weather moment) that could arise. Maintenance and checkups are designed to prepare you for any moment that could happen and remove the threat of costly downtime.

Protect Your Warranty

Without regular maintenance, many manufacturers’ warranties on HVAC equipment can be voided. The last thing you want as a business or building owner is to get stuck with a preventable out-of-pocket repair or replacement. Maintenance ensures that you’ll be prepared to use the warranty on your HVAC if needed.


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