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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



Why Your Heat Pump May Not be Heating Properly

heat-pump-repairThe middle of winter is a pretty horrible time to have your heating system malfunction. It’s also the time when that is most likely to happen, due to the added strain put on the system by regular use. If your heat pump is not heating your home properly, there might be any one of a half-dozen different reasons why. Have a look at a few of the most common reasons below, and what you can do about them.

Refrigerant Leaks

The heat pump relies on refrigerant to both heat and cool the home. In heating mode, the system evaporates refrigerant to gather thermal energy from the air outside. The refrigerant is then condensed back into liquid inside the home to vent the collected heat. A refrigerant leak will slowly drain the heat pump, causing its output capacity to fall along with the refrigerant level. If the lost refrigerant is not replaced, the heat pump will eventually break down entirely. So, make sure that you call for repairs if you notice fluid dripping from your heat pump along with a drop in output.

Clogged Air Filter

The simplest explanation for a drop in heat circulation might be that the air filter is clogged. If the air filter in a heat pump is not changed every three months or so, it will eventually become clogged. This prevents fresh air from flowing into the system, which also prevents the system from circulating warm air throughout the home. The good news is that this is actually fairly easy to fix. Either replace your air filter yourself, or have a professional replace it for you, every three months or so.

Short Cycling

If your heat pump is turning itself on and off every couple of minutes, you should call a professional. That behavior is called short cycling. It occurs as the result of either an electrical short, or possibly due to a damaged compressor in the system. Short cycling places the heat pump under an increased amount of stress, making it more likely for issues to develop the longer the system is allowed to run. It also prevents the system from putting out as much heat as it should be. Prolonged short cycling can even shorten the system’s lifespan significantly. If you’re not careful about repairing short cycling as soon as possible, you may have to replace the entire heat pump years sooner than you otherwise would have to. Make sure that you call for repairs as soon as you notice your heat pump short cycling. If you act quickly, you should be able to prevent most of the damage that would have otherwise be dealt to the system.

Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers heat pump repair services of all kinds in Vancouver, WA. If you need heat pump repairs, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians. We will restore your heat pump to the best possible shape for this winter, so that you can keep your home warm.

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