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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



10 Thing Your Furnace Should Never Do

Burner-AssemblyIt’s getting cold here and we know you’re using your furnace more often than ever. It’s time to ask yourself though—is your furnace treating you right?

If the answer isn’t a confident “yes,” then it’s time for you to take a deeper dive into your heating care. We’re going to help you with your furnace repair in Camas, WA. We want you to have an amazing furnace, not just a good one. This means that you need quality service for your home’s heating care. It’s always best to address these problems sooner than later in the winter season. Calling us up for the care you need now will help you stay warm this winter.

Watch Out for these Furnace Problems

It’s time for you to schedule an appointment with our team members if you notice any of the following problems happening in your home:

1.      Short Cycling

Have you noticed that your heater runs in incredibly short cycles? Short cycling means that your home’s heater is inefficient. Repair work can handle the problems that you’re experiencing at home.

2.      Long Cycles

If your heater runs all day long but can’t ever seem to keep your home at a satisfactory level of cooling, then it means that you need repair work. This is the same short cycling efficiency problem just moving in the opposite direction.

3.      High Energy Bills

High energy bills that aren’t directly caused by you using your heater more often are a problem. If you’re dealing with persistent high energy bills, you need to get in touch with our professionals for the work you’re looking for. Repair work will help you lower your energy bills.

4.      Lack of Heat

Are you struggling to try to get your home to an appropriate heat level? If you feel like you have to fight with your furnace all day long, then it means that you’re lacking heat.

5.      Bad Scents

Your heater shouldn’t really give off much of a scent at all. If it starts to give off a scent, then it means that you’re going to need to call for repair work for your home.

6.      Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality caused by your heater can look like dry air, dry skin, brittle nails, and dehydrated hair. Don’t ignore these issues.

7.      Inaccurate Thermostat

Do you notice that your home’s thermostat readings are always grossly inaccurate? This is a problem that’s eventually going to alter the performance of your HVAC system even if it isn’t now.

8.      Odd Noises

Have you heard odd noises like banging, rattling, scraping, or squeaking throughout your home? All these sounds indicate different issues that are going to negatively impact your comfort.

9.      Hot and Cold Spots

Your bedroom is freezing but your living room is burning up. If you notice hot and cold spots, then it means that you’re dealing with poor heater performance.

10.  Low Airflow

You’re struggling with low airflow if you notice yourself running your heater for much longer than you should or at higher temperatures than you’re used to.

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