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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



5 Things Your Furnace Should Never Do

It’s spring here in Vancouver, WA, but it’s still cold enough to run your heater. We live in one of those climates where we rely on our heater for the majority of the year. If you’re running your heater into these later cooler months, then it’s important that you stay on top of this system. We specialize in furnace repair in Vancouver, WA. We want to make sure that you have the best work possible.

Today, we want to explain some things that your furnace should never do. You want to make sure that your furnace is on the straight and narrow. We can help you do this. Make sure that you get in touch with our team members as soon as you notice a problem. Waiting only presents opportunities for your furnace problems to get worse.

Your Furnace Shouldn’t Do This

Here are a few things your home shouldn’t do:

1.      Starting and Stopping

Are you noticing that your home’s heater is rapidly starting and stopping?

This is one of those problems that probably started at the beginning of the fall season and you brushed it off. If it’s something that’s happening early on in the season or at a mild level, then it’s probably not affecting your heating quality right away. Rest assured that it will, though. Rapid starting and stopping is terrible for your home’s efficiency. The first thing you’re going to notice is higher utility bills, but it can eventually lead to a breakdown. Make sure you address it now.

2.      Inefficiency

If you have to run your heater for longer periods of time, at higher temperatures, or just hover around your home’s thermostat more often than before, then you need to schedule an appointment with us. Inefficiency will affect your comfort and your wallet. We’re here to make sure that the effects are positive rather than negative.

3.      Foul Odors

If your heater emits a foul odor, then you might want to contact one of our team members. Musty scents typically mean that you’re struggling with mold. This can potentially cause health issues for you and your family members if it goes on for too much longer. We can help you solve this issue.

4.      Rising Utility Bills

Have you noticed that your home’s utility bills are rising more than ever before? A random spike in your energy bills is almost always a sign that you’re dealing with inefficiency issues. Inefficiency wears down your system, hurts your comfort, and costs you more.

5.      Uneven Heating

Is the heating in your home uneven? You might notice warm spots in some places and cool spots in others.

There’s a natural level of temperature imbalance in your home. You might notice warmer temperatures in rooms that are smaller with more natural light. Rooms that are bigger and/or rooms with less natural lighting tend to run colder. If your temperature imbalances are extreme or they don’t make logical sense, then you need to contact a professional.

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