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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area


We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



Call for Heating Repairs if You Notice These Things

We service lots of homes after their heating system faces a major system breakdown due to extended repair needs, but there are ways to tell if you need heating repairs before these problems become so drastic. Now that we’re really experiencing cold weather, it’s likely that you’ve already run your heater a considerable amount this season. Problems from the previous winter might have even reared their ugly head again—now isn’t the time to ignore these issues.

Many homeowners overlook the subtle changes in their system that act as warning signs of a heater repair need. We’ve listed some of the biggest signs below for this reason. If you read this list and discover that you’re due for heating system repairs, contact our team. We’re a locally owned and operated business that’s served both Clark and Cowlitz counties for more than 40 years.

Call Us If…

Experiencing any of the following things with your heating system? Call us!

  • Low Heat: Sometimes if the decline in heating power blowing through your vents is gradual, it’s a little harder to notice, so take the time to take note. Put your hand near a vent in your home? Is the heated air cooler than you’d like? This is a sign that you need heater repair. Without the right technician on the job, you’ll force your system to work harder heating your home subsequently raising your heating bills and straining your heating system.
  • Poor Air Flow: Low air flow is similar to a low heat problem. If the air coming through your vents isn’t a steady, strong stream then you have a problem on your hands. Poor air flow is likely caused by a blockage in the system or an inefficient part. You need a professional with extensive knowledge of heating systems to find this problem and rectify the issue.
  • Lots of Dust: Do you feel like you’re always dusting your home? This is a subtle sign that you might have a problem with your home’s heating system, if you haven’t had a professional touch your system in a considerable amount of time dust, dirt, and other common airborne particles have likely accumulated in your vent system. These particles just stay trapped in a closed loop cycle without any way to exit. A professional technician from our team will help clean your system and keep your home free of dust.
  • Short Cycling: “Short cycling” is a term used to describe the constant starting and stopping of your heating system. Do you notice this problem in your home? If your heater only runs in short cycles, there’s likely a problem with one of the major parts of your system like the fan motor. Short cycling is incredibly energy inefficient. If you have this problem, you’re wasting an excess amount of money and energy on your heating system.
  • Hot and Cold Spots: Is one area of your home constantly hot while another is freezing cold? This is a problem forewarning you that you’ll need repairs for your home. It’s likely a problem with your ducts and you need a trained professional’s care to find the source of this issue and fine-tune your system so that it can evenly heat your home.

If you need quality heating repair services in Vancouver, WA, contact Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. today.

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