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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area


We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



How to Get Better Service From Your Furnace

Washington plays by different rules when it comes to the weather and our seasonality. Things are just not starting to warm up, so you might have still been using your thermostat up until very recently. We want to make sure that your heating needs are completely wrapped up before we officially segue into spring weather. We’re prepared to help you with your furnace services in Kelso, WA.

Before we leave your heater behind, we want you to consider a few things for next year. The cold weather will roll in again. Let’s face it—it’s never that far away in Washington. If you want to be prepared, keep these tips in mind.

What You Can Do

Here are a few things you can do to get better service from your furnace when cold weather rolls in:

Go For Maintenance

You should schedule an appointment for maintenance for your furnace system every year. For heating maintenance, we recommend that you do this during the fall. When you schedule an appointment during the fall, you’re preparing your heater for the coldest temperatures winter has to offer. It’s always best to be as proactive as possible about this.

If you want your maintenance services to be seamless, then consider enrolling in our Comfort Assurance Program. This is our maintenance program. It will assure that you have maintenance performed annually.

Don’t Work Against Your Home

Don’t make things harder for your heater. Make sure that all your vents are clear, all ducts are cleaned, and that you’re opening up your blinds and windows to let in a little natural light during the height of the day.

Replace Your Filter

Your heater has its own filter. It’s in charge of keeping the heater itself clean and ready to perform when you need it. It’s important that you replace your HVAC system’s filter once every three months. We suggest that this three month period aligns with the seasonal shifts. Replace your furnace filter once at the start of fall and once at the start of winter.

Give Your Thermostat Some TLC

If you’ve had your thermostat for any time period nearing a decade, then it’s important for you to replace this unit. Wi-Fi and smart thermostats are the best things on the market now.

These are the only type of thermostats that are going to work for you rather than forcing you to work around them. If you need quality service, make sure that you schedule an appointment with our team members. We’ll help you install this system perfectly.

Warm Up Where You Can

Winter isn’t the time of year for you to walk around without an adequate amount of clothing on. It’s worthwhile to throw on a plush pair of sweats and a cozy sweater. This will help you rely a lot less on your heater. You’ll save your heater a lot of strain and save your home a lot of energy waste. Keep this in mind when you’re looking to schedule an appointment with us.

Contact Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our team. We’re prepared to help.

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