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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



Should I Install a New Furnace This Fall?

FurnaceIt’s finally fall! Which means everyone gets to engage in their favorite fall activity: taking stock of their furnace! What? That isn’t your favorite fall activity? Well, you should do it anyway. Fall is the time when people start to rely on their furnaces on a daily basis to keep their homes comfortable. That means that before you start using yours, you should make sure that it’s in the best possible shape. If your furnace isn’t up to keeping your home warm and comfortable over the next several months, then it’s a pretty good idea to replace it now. Otherwise, you might run the risk of a serious problem developing in your old system midway through the season. Follow the tips below to help you decide whether or not now is the time to consult with a technician about replacing your furnace.

Is It Costing a Lot to Use?

If your furnace is costing you a lot to use from month to month, more so than it has before, it might be because the system is in need of replacement. Many years of wear and tear can rob the furnace of efficiency over time, which it tries to compensate for by operating for longer periods of time. You may not notice this at first, but you probably will notice the extra cost on your bill the next month. The best way to resolve this issue is to install a new system. No amount of repair or maintenance can totally reverse wear and tear on the entire system.

Is It Breaking Down Often?

It’s an unfortunate fact that sometimes things just break. If your furnace needs to be repaired every once in a while, that’s not necessarily a cause for concern. What is cause for concern, though, is if your system is breaking down more than once every few years. If that is happening, it is probably the result of wear on the various parts of the system causing them to fail in groups. This issue will get worse the longer you use the system, until it eventually breaks down for good. It’s better to replace your furnace now, and save some money in the long run, than to wait for it to break down later.

Is It Older Than 15?

15 years is right around the maximum effective lifespan for an average furnace. After that age, they often develop all kinds of various problems that prevent them from operating as effectively. This causes them to waste more and more money, as we’ve mentioned above, as they get older. Eventually, the system will break in such a way that it would be cheaper to buy an entirely new system than to replace that one part. We recommend that you consult with a professional about replacing your furnace now, if it is older than 15. It simply isn’t worth trying to keep the old thing around past that age.

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