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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area


We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



It’s Time to Take Care of Your Heater

It’s important for you to take care of your heater any time of the year, but especially now. Fall is the time of year where you’re preparing your home for the cold weather. You might be decorating with pumpkins and fall-themed scents, you’re getting the kids ready for a successful school year, and you’re probably even updating your wardrobe so that it’s warmer. The next thing you need to do is make sure that your heater is in proper working order. 

Maintenance is always essential, but what if your issues can’t be handled with a tune-up? You might want to invest in heating repair in Vancouver, WA. We know that it might seem like things are a little on the early side, but the earlier the better if you’re trying to stay as comfortable as possible this winter. 

Heating Problems You Should Repair

This is the point where we’d like you to do to reflect a little and determine how things were last year. Can you say that you were happy with your heater’s service? If you struggled to get warm, stay warm, or keep your energy bills maintained at a reasonable level, then you need to repair your home’s heating system. There are problems budding underneath the surface and we want to help you get them in line as soon as possible. Here are a few of the things that you should consult a professional for…

  1. Inaccurate Thermostat Readings

The first thing that you should watch out for is an inaccurate thermostat reading. Inaccurate thermostat readings are a sign of an unhealthy HVAC system. You should take note of this and then make sure that you’re getting yourself the care from a professional. Inaccurate thermostat readings aren’t just a small nuisance. They’re something that’s really going to add up and plague your system. Help your efficiency by fixing this as soon as possible. 

  1. A Lack of Heat

Have you noticed that you’re using your heater as often as you possibly can but you’re really not that warm? This is typically an issue with your heating power. A lack of heat is a real issue and we’re going to help you get the service you need.

  1. Irregular Cycling

Make sure that your heater doesn’t become the victim of irregular cycling. If it does get to this point, you’re going to need to improve your heater’s cycling overall. Allowing this to become an ongoing issue will wear down your system and cause future repair problems. 

  1. High Energy Bills

Your energy bills should always be reasonable. If you’re struggling to get your energy bills to a reasonable level, then it’s time to consult our professionals. We’ll help you improve your HVAC service.

  1. Not Enough Heat

Have you noticed that you can never get enough heat in your home? You should be able to heat your home up properly without much effort on your part. If you have to kick things into overdrive just to get warm, then we want to help you with these services. We’re prepared to help you with what you need.

Contact Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our team. 

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