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Which Furnace Fuel is Right for You?

Spring is the time of year to make home heating upgrades. If you’re like many other homeowners in the area, you might have taken this opportunity to upgrade the furnace in your home. If you’re ready to upgrade your furnace, you might just opt for a natural gas furnace. This is common because it’s the most popular type of fuel on the market, but if this type of system isn’t right for you then you don’t have to go with it.

Choosing the wrong type of fuel system can cause a domino effect of consequences that go along with it. There are many other viable ways to heat your home. If you’re looking for electric or gas furnaces in Vancouver, WA then make sure that you contact our team at Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. We’ll help you through the process.

Types of Fuel

When you think of the term “furnace” you probably think of this system running on natural gas automatically. This isn’t always the case. We’ve run through the three types of fuel systems below to help you familiarize yourself with the process.

  • Natural Gas: Gas furnaces are the most common type of fueling system across the United States and while it is one of the best fuel systems to use, it’s not always the right fit for every home. Gas furnaces (especially newer models) are high efficiency so they can save you lots of money on your heating bills. They’re also quiet and fast on top of their fuel efficiency.
  • Electric: If you don’t opt for an electric furnace, it’s more than likely that you’ll get an electric furnace for your home. Truth be told, electric furnaces aren’t the greatest for our cold Washington weather. Generating heat through the process of electricity is a labor-intensive process that ends up costing you more money. If you don’t have a preexisting natural gas line in your home, we would recommend an electric furnace, but if you can make room for a gas furnace in your home then we’d always recommend this fuel type over the electric route.
  • Oil: Oil furnaces are some of the least common furnaces across the country. You might not have even known that this type of fuel source was available for a furnace. Oil furnaces require heating oil to operate. This oil gets delivered from a local company on a routine basis. This type of fueling system is more common in older homes on the east coast. If you’re one of the few homeowners who still run their furnace on this type of system, we’d encourage you to switch to a furnace that’s easier on the earth and easier on your wallet.

It’s one thing to learn about the benefits of the fuel system in your home, but it’s another to understand how these types of fuel will actually apply to you. If you’re curious how any of these fuel systems would work in your home specifically then make sure that you contact our team.

You don’t have to automatically opt for natural gas just because you have a furnace in your home. If you’re interested in other fuel options, contact our team at Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. today.

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