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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



Yes, The Size of Your Furnace Really Matters

Air-Conditioner-TechWe know we’re not exactly at the new year quite yet—we haven’t even made it through the holiday season! That doesn’t mean that it’s too early to adopt that “out with the old, in with the new” sentiment though.

Think back to last winter and ask yourself if you’ve had trouble with your home’s heater? If you have it might be time to upgrade. We know that many homeowners shy away from upgrading their heating systems because they’re worried about the process. It can really become a hassle if you have the wrong team behind you. We’re the professionals that are going to perfect your furnace services in Vancouver, WA. Make sure that you come to our professionals when you want the perfect furnace systems for your needs. Contact our professionals today to learn more about your options.

Why Sizing Matters

When you’re thinking about getting the best furnace system possible you’re probably thinking about brands and pricing. That’s not everything that goes into your home’s furnace system though. The sizing of your furnace matters more than just about anything. This is why you always want your home’s furnace system installed by a licensed professional.

The initial process of sizing a furnace is a very technical one. It’s not something that you can just eyeball and get the best function possible. Our professionals will take measurements like the size of your home, square footage, your indoor air space, the number of windows and doors, and your ductwork to determine what size furnace system you need. You should have a “bigger is better” attitude with this either. Oversized furnace systems have just as many problems as undersized furnace systems. We’ll get into it below…

The Problem with a Small Furnace System

You’ll never be able to get the heating power that you need if the furnace in your home is too small. A small furnace can’t handle the demands of a bigger heating area. You’ll struggle indefinitely to get your home up to your desired temperature. If you’re ever able to get it there, it definitely won’t last for long. It’s important to have an adequately sized furnace system to get the comfort you really need.

The Issue with an Oversized Furnace

As we mentioned above, bigger isn’t always bigger, an oversized furnace system will cause you a lot of trouble. A bigger furnace will start to short cycle. Short cycling is when your heater turns on, runs for little while, shuts off, and then switches on again shortly after. This constant cycling will cause immense wear and tear on your furnace. This happens because your furnace is trying to heat your home but not overheat it. Don’t fall into the trap of getting an oversized furnace. Make sure that you rely on the professionals on our team to ensure that you have the right furnace for your home.

Contact Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. today to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure your furnace is equipped to heat your home.

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