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Is a Ductless System Right for You?

Ductless-air-handlerThe temperatures are finally heating up here in Vancouver. While this is a much-needed relief from the cold weather we’re so used to, the high temperatures might make you reconsider your air conditioning decisions. Are you beginning to notice that your AC system isn’t providing you with the cooling that you’re used to? If your answer is yes then it might be time for you to upgrade your air conditioning system.

Ready to upgrade? The predictable next step might be for you to invest in a standard central air conditioning system. Just because this is a comfortable option doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for your home. Contact our team to learn more about your air conditioning options in Vancouver, WA and ask about ductless systems!

Ductless Systems: The Run Down

We’re going to be using a bit of technical terminology in this blog post, so we want to go through a quick run-through of the ductless system basics before we discuss anything deeper. Ductless systems are often referred to as “ductless mini splits.”

A ductless mini split is a heat pump system that uses individual air handlers for your home’s temperature control as opposed to a centralized network of ducts. The air handlers are autonomous from each other because they use different thermostats and they’re wall-mounted so that you can heat or cool your home how you’d like to rather than how you have to. The beauty of a ductless system is if you’d like to cool your home all at once there’s a master thermostat you can use to heat or cool your home as you would with a central air conditioner.

Is This System Right for Your Home?

Ductless systems aren’t right for everyone and we’re not one of those HVAC contractors that will try to match you with whatever systems lines their pockets with more money. We care about the comfort of our customers and we can help you determine if a ductless system is right for you. Let’s run through the pros and cons.

The Pros of a Ductless System

Here are a few pros of a ductless system:

  • Forget the Ducts!: Have a home that doesn’t have great ductwork? A ductless heating or cooling system allows you to keep your home comfortable without the hassle of utilizing your ductwork.
  • Energy-efficiency: You can lose a lot of energy due to faulty ductwork. Eliminating this process altogether leaves you with a much more efficient system.
  • Cost-Savings: When you save energy, you save money. You can make sure that you get a lot of cost savings when you come to our technicians. We’ll point you in the direction of the best models on the market.

The Cons of a Ductless System

There are a few downsides of ductless systems too. The downsides include:

  • The Up-Front Cost: Ductless systems are one of those things that will save you money in the long run but will hurt your wallet more upfront. If you’re not in the position to invest in your HVAC system this way then this system might not be for you.
  • Aesthetics: Ductless systems aren’t always the most design-friendly systems—they have to go on the wall, and you can’t cover them. Although this is a reason that a lot of our customers are initially reluctant we find that they forget the unit is even there after installation.

If you’re ready to put a ductless system in your home make sure you choose our adept technicians at Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. Call or click to schedule an appointment today.

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