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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area


We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



Blower Door Testing in Vancouver, WA

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Trying to find an air leak in your home? The best possible way to do so is through a blower door test. Blower door testing is a form of professional energy auditing that can show where any leaks are in your home that are depleting your HVAC performance.

We doubt that you lie awake at night thinking about the airtightness of your home, but we can assure you that it’s critical. Once we identify the weak points in your home, we can recommend the right air sealing services and help you eliminate these issues, fortify your home, and lower your heating and cooling bills. When you need a reputable team you know you can trust, you need the service of our service professionals!

If you’re looking for professional blower door testing then contact Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. We serve the Greater Vancouver Area—Make the Comfort Call Today!

What Does a Blower Door Test Measure?

So, what’s the goal of blower door testing? This test measures the air exchange in your home. If you’re unfamiliar with what "air exchange" means for your home, air exchange is key when you’re talking about the temperature control.. If you have a forced-air heating or cooling system, then you rely on a network of ducts to push air throughout your space. If you have cracks or leaks throughout your living space, then that means you won’t get the best from your HVAC systems. A blower door test is how you can pinpoint where any leaks are in your home.

How A Blower Door Test Works

Let’s get down to details. A blower door test works like this:

  • Our technicians arrive with a blower door test kit that they fit into your doorway.
  • Technicians run a variable speed fan through your home to lower the air pressure within this space. This allows the higher outdoor air pressure to flow in through all the unsealed areas in your space.
  • Our technicians monitor the leaks with a pressure gage and an airflow manometer. Then they mark the leaks with a smoke pencil or thermal image camera.

Once we’re done conducting a blower door test, we’ll consult with you to determine what the best practices are going forward.

Our Blower Door Testing Services

We choose to use Retrotec for all our blower door testing services. We do the work to ensure that all the technicians we hire are licensed, trained, and experienced so that they can provide you with the best service possible, so it’s only right that we choose the right equipment to match. Retrotec is the best on the market. They’re a reputable blower door testing brand that’s equipped to test any residential home no matter the size.

The blower door test kit we supply our technicians with provides the most flow to your home possible, that way, we can find the weak spots in your home quickly. We choose these systems time and time again because they’re high-quality while also being easy to put up and take down. We respect the time of our customers, so we never inconvenience you!