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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area


We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



Energy Audits in Vancouver, WA

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The last word that most homeowners want to hear is “audit,” as it immediately brings to mind a tax season headache. That is just one application of the word, however, and we have one that is a lot easier on the ears: energy audit! When you schedule an energy audit with our 608 EPA and NATE-certified technicians, you’ll be able to learn where your home is coming up short in terms of energy efficiency.

Sure, some people will claim that energy is bliss, but that really doesn’t apply to issues with the way in which you use energy in your home, does it? Even those homeowners with deep pockets are not going to want to be wasting their hard-earned money on energy that is not being put to good use in their homes. Contact Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. today, and we’ll conduct an energy audit that provides the information we need to make your home a more comfortable and efficient place to live.

Do I Need an Energy Audit?

Not every home is necessarily going to need an energy audit, and we understand that some homeowners may be reticent to spend money on something they are not sure if they need. For those homeowners that stand to benefit from the findings of an energy audit, however, it really is an invaluable service. So when should you consider scheduling a home energy audit in Vancouver, WA?

  • You notice that your home energy efficiency is slipping, resulting in higher than usual energy costs.
  • You’ve moved into a home that is on the older side.
  • You feel drafts or hot/cold spots in your home.
  • You notice a lot of condensation on windows or in doorways.

Why Hire a Professional Energy Auditor?

Many homeowners don’t really understand how it is that an energy audit works. While it may not be as common a practice as, say, HVAC maintenance, it is definitely an important one. It is also one that only a trained professional can guarantee is completed thoroughly and effectively.

While DIY enthusiasts can certainly handle a number of different projects around the house, accurately pinpointing the source of energy efficiency issues is a job for properly–equipped technicians. We not only have the equipment necessary to complete a thorough energy audit in Vancouver, WA, but the knowledge and experience necessary to use that data appropriately in finding a viable solution to any issues present.

What Does an Energy Audit Entail?

If the entire property is suspected to contribute to energy efficiency problems, a blower door test may be in order. This involves sealing up the home, installing a powerful fan in a door, and depressurizing the home. This information can be compared against the pressure gained through air leaks in the house, helping to determine what the next step should be, such as extensive air sealing.

Perhaps an older ventilation system is the issue, and an energy recovery solution, such as ERV, would be beneficial. By evaluating often overlooked areas such as this, hour home energy audit experts will be able to help decide the appropriate course of action. Even simple smoke pencil tests used to evaluate drafts throughout the home can provide valuable insights into what exactly is happening with energy in your home.

Customer Review
I had an energy audit performed by a technician at Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. and they found a leak in my basement window that was costing me thousands of dollars each winter. Thank you!Matt