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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



Static Pressure Test in Vancouver, WA

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When you install a new HVAC system in your home, you want it to be the perfect size. Undersized or oversized HVAC equipment performs poorly. The result is you having to run your heater or air conditioner for much longer than you should, wasting immense amounts of energy, and straining your systems. If you’re in the middle of a circumstance like this, you can discover many of the duct-related defects with a static pressure test.

Static pressure testing isn’t always something that homeowners are too familiar with. It’s one of the more niche and circumstantial HVAC procedures. That’s why you need a responsible HVAC team to perform these services. You really can’t rely on an inexperienced team for this because it’s a service that requires precision. So let our team handle the job!

If you’re looking for a great static pressure test in Vancouver, WA then make sure that you contact our team here at Area Heating & Cooling, Inc.—we’re the leading HVAC professionals in the Greater Vancouver Area. Make the Comfort Call Today!

What is Static Pressure Testing?

To understand static pressure testing, you need to understand static pressure. Static pressure is the amount of pressure that the blower in your HVAC system pushes and pulls against to move conditioned air through your ductwork.

The push of the air in your home should be greater than the resistance to the flow of air. If it isn’t greater, then you’re having trouble with air circulating through your ductwork. You need an accurate reading of your static pressure to determine where any problem areas are in your home. Once you determine where they are, we can walk you through the best methods of rehabilitating your HVAC system.

Why You Need This Service

A lot of sources you’ll find explaining static pressure can get a little too technical. An easy way to understand static pressure is by relating it to blood pressure. The way that an HVAC professional measures your static pressure is similar to the way a doctor would measure your blood pressure. It has the same purpose—measuring overall health.

The same way that you want your blood pressure to be 120/80 you want your static pressure to be at or below .5 of the water columns. Anything too low or too high is a big problem to the overall flow of air throughout your home and calls for repair services. Don’t make your heating or cooling system work any harder than it has to—when you need a great static pressure test you can contact our team.