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We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area


We Serve the Greater Vancouver Area



Air Scrubber Plus® in Vancouver, WA

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For some homeowners, using a good air conditioner/heater combo and running the vacuum regularly is enough to maintain a comfortable in their homes. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but we tend to put more emphasis on the importance of indoor air quality. If you are serious about maintaining not just comfortable temperatures but also incredible indoor air quality in your home, you need more than a rigid cleaning schedule.

The Air Scrubber Plus® with ActivePure™ technology may be just what you’ve been looking for if you’ve been feeling let down by the indoor air quality in your home. Developed in cooperation with NASA for use upon the ISS (International Space Station), it goes without saying that the Air Scrubber Plus® goes above and beyond what a typical air filter is capable of. Contact Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. to take advantage of the Air Scrubber Plus® in Vancouver, WA.

How Does the Air Scrubber Plus® Compare to More Basic Purification?

Staggeringly well. Air filters and even UV lights are not going to reduce contaminants on surfaces in your home or actively reduce particulate levels. The Air Scrubber Plus® does this, and begins doing so immediately. Everything from dust and dirt to pollen, mold, VOCs, and odors from pets and cooking are covered by the system. It doesn’t just clean the air. It purifies and freshens it, as well. This reduces the risk of problems like aggravated allergy symptoms, coughs, eye/nose/throat irritation, headaches, and more.

How Does It Work?

While UV air purifiers may be used to cleanse the air of harmful biological pollutants, only the air passing through the light’s waves will be treated. Not only is the Air Scrubber Plus® 50x more powerful than typical HVAC filtration systems, but it also takes a more active approach in cleaning the air.

Basically, the system sends out charged clusters of hydrogen and oxygen, produced through the exposure of reactive metals to ultraviolet light. These clusters kill pathogens found in the air and on surfaces throughout the house, distributed via the ventilation system.

Because these clusters are also mostly ions with a negative charge, and most particles in the house have a positive charge, these ions are able to pull such pollutants right out of the air! This active approach to "scrubbing" the air clean really gives the Air Scrubber Plus® an advantage that other air purification systems today just cannot compete with.

We Install and Service the Air Scrubber Plus®

We’ve explained the function of the Air Scrubber Plus® in very, very simplified terms here. Suffice to say that the technology is quite advanced – as you’d expect from NASA! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy the benefits of the system, or even to install and service it. You do have to be a trained, qualified professional, though.

The Air Scrubber Plus® is not a system that you can go out and pop into place on your own. Many of our NATE–certified technicians have been with us for over 20 years, and Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. itself has been active in the industry for twice as long. We’ve trained extensively, and we’ll make sure that you get the most from your Air Scrubber Plus® system in Vancouver, WA. Call today to schedule service.